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The Energy Corner       I have been in the solar business for over 30 years. I have a good knowledge of the science of energy and what can be done to save energy. I will spend time describing how different types of solar energy production work. As well as energy usage in homes [...]

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Heating with Solar

Ways to use the energy of the sun. heating. Obviously the simplest way to use the heat of the sun is to heat something. Some of the things that are commonly heated are; water for domestic use, water for pools and homes. Solar panels are used to heat water. They are very different from PV [...]

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Alice in Rebate Land

There are a number of incentives for new solar installations.  I will go over the residential ones here.Please bear with me as the rules are rather complicated. There is a 30% federal tax CREDIT.Proof of installation of an approved system should be included with the tax return for this credit.This is fairly straightforward. For existing [...]

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Saving Energy Is Important

Why is saving energy important? Does it really make a difference? The answer is a resounding YES! For many reasons, some of which I will go over here. The first and most obvious is that, as humans, we are impacting the climate of the earth. If we keep doing what we are doing, we will [...]

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How We Use Energy

We hardly ever do any “work”. (In Physics work is defined as the increase in “potential energy” of an object.) By this definition, if you were to ride your bicycle to Ventura and back to Ojai you would not have done any “work”. The energy potential of you and your bicycle would not have changed, [...]

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The Basics Of Energy

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.” This is the first law of thermodynamics. What this means is that the amount of energy you can get out of something cannot be more than is put in. Work is defined as the amount of energy that it takes to raise an object to a certain height [...]

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